We are a boutique photography studio on the Western Slope of Colorado that specializes in boudoir and fashion. It is our goal to help women feel comfortable with who they are, and in many cases redefine who they are. A photo session with BADASSCHICK Photography™ transcends photography into an exhilarating, confidence building experience.
From the moment you arrive at our studio to receive your makeup and hair you’ll know you’re in for an amazing time. Watch your own transformation as the makeup artist goes to work. Enjoy a glass of wine or champagne to help take the edge off as we go through wardrobe, props, and your set production. Then the fun begins.   Start by exploring our wardrobe closet we call Backstage Threads. There you’ll find hundreds of pairs of shoes, thousands of outfits, hats, jewelry, gloves, props, you name it — and it’s all included for you to enjoy! Build outfits from virtually any era or theme to use in your session.   After you’re fitted, we’ll start in the studio. We help you with posing, catching your light, body position, what to do with your hands and mouth, and much much more as we begin photographing. Connect your phone to our studio sound system and enjoy your favorite tunes as we move from set to set. Your nerves will melt away as you see your beauty revealed on the back of the camera, and it’s then, you realize you’ve got this.   If your package includes an on-location portion, we then pack up your wardrobe, the camera gear, and lighting and travel “beyond the boudoir” to multiple outdoor locations for a unique boudoir and fashion experience. Old buildings, motorcycles, classic cars, and hot rods are just a few of the outdoor locations and props we’ll shoot with. We have access to unique private ranches, motorcycle garages, and more, to guarantee a setting that goes beyond the norm. By the end of one of our sessions you’ll feel exhilarated, confident, and beautiful.   Just look into the eyes of any of our portraits and you’ll see the difference.